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Santa Fe Rocket Racing

 Quick Trip Tulsa Air and Rocket Racing Show

Apirl 24th, 2010
Tulsa Air Show

                       Dave Morss and Marc Cumbow         Len Fox and Dave Morss   

                    Dave Morss/Team Pilot Marc Cumbow/Team Owner   Len Fox and Dave Morrs (Test Pilots)

                    X-Racer Tail II Landing        X-Racer Mark III

                         Dave Morss Landing Tulsa Air Show                 Dave Morss Piloting Mark III X-Racer Tulsa

                    Fans and X-Racer       Dave Morss and X-Racer

                         Fans Viewing X-Racer in Tulsa                          Dave Morss Positions X-Racer in Tulsa


                  Dave Morss Helmet Photo       Dave Morss Flight Biiefing Tulsa    

                        Dave Morss-Team Pilot, Tulsa Airshow                           Dave Morss Tulsa Flight Briefing

  La Bella Macchina 2008


La Bella Macchina is an exclusive event that celebrates rarities of life such as the Ferrari automobile, private aircraft and yachts.

More than 100 new, classic and vintage Ferraris were on display including some challenge editions. The event attracted more than 2,500 guests, among them were hundreds of Ferrari owners, Palm Beach and New York socialites and premier business people. 

The highlight of this year's event was the arrival of the Rocket Racing League rocket-powered aircraft.  Although only the marketing demonstration aircraft was on display (no active rocket) on the flight line this year, it was "unveiled" to the general public for sponsorship and marketing potential opportunities.

The rocket plane...X-Racer, was centered in the flight line along with other rare and new aircraft from the WWII Fighter (P-51) to the new VLJ (Eclipse Jet).  This marketing event proved that the general public is fascinated with the concept of commercial exploration of space and welcoming of a new and dynamic sport.

 2008 Bella Macchina Event Photos:


 SantaFe Rocket Racing Team Owner, Marc Cumbow and Director
of Marketing, Joe Radosky stand by the X-racer and the Ferrari F430
Scuderia upon its debut in Palm Beach Florida at La Bella Macchina.

 SantaFe Rocket Racing Team Owner, Marc Cumbow stands by
the rocket nozzle of the X-racer

SantaFe Rocket Racing Team---Director of Marketing,
JoeRadosky stands by the X-racer demonstration aircraft

Ferrari F430 Scuderia at Bella Macchina







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Santa Fe Rocket Racing