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Santa Fe Rocket Racing

Marc R. Cumbow

President / Team Owner

Marc R. Cumbow is the founder of Santa Fe Rocket Racing, Inc., and has been following the privatization of space including the development of Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLV's) and Space Tourism for the past seven years.

Marc has chosen Santa Fe Rocket Racing as his entry into the development and operation of rocket powered vehicles.

Marc is an avid aviation enthusiast and has been involved in aviation since the age of 14 when he took glider lessons with his father at a Royal Air Force base glider club in England. He followed on with student training to become a private pilot and has over sixty free fall jumps as a certified sky diver.

Marc's business interests includes national and internation real estate sales, real estate management, investment, and historic restoration. Other business interests include owning/operating national franchised travel agencies, travel realated web sites, hotel investment and management.

Marc is a graduate of Clovis High School, Clovis NM and holds an Associates of Applied Sciences in Petroleum Production Technology from Eastern New Mexico University. Marc presently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and two children Ava, age three and Christian, age one.

Edward W. Cumbow

Team Owner

Edward Cumbow is a retired Major in the United States Air Force. His 23 year career included time in B-52 Bombers, EB-66 and EC-121 aircraft in the Vietnam conflict, and the F-111 Fighter/Bomber in the U. S. and in the European Theater. Besides his time flying, Edward held staff positions as Chief of Weapons and Tactics in an F-111 Fighter Squadron at Upper Heyford, England, Radar Strike Officer in an F-111 Fighter Squadron at Lakenheath, England, Chief of the Intelligence Division of an FB-111 Bomber Wing at Plattsburgh, New York and Command Post Controller in an F-111 Fighter Wing at Clovis, New Mexico.

Edward began flying while in high school. He then entered the USAF Aviation Cadet program at age 19, graduating at the age of 20 as a Second Lieutenant with the Aeronautical Rating of Navigator. He holds a civilian Commercial Pilot license and Instrument Rating.

He and his wife, Eleanor, reside in Slidell, Louisiana. In addition to Marc, they have two other sons, Michael and Mitchell, both living in Houston, and three grandchildren.

Edward holds a BS from the University of Maryland, MS from Troy State University and a JD Degree from Texas Tech University School of Law. He is an attorney in Slidell, Louisiana, and is licensed in Louisiana and Texas.

Edward's role in the team will be to formulate business plans, oversee the start up and initial capitalization of the team and to manage the licensing and legal matters of the team.


Dave Morss


Test Pilot / Race Pilot

Dave Morss has competed in more races (187) than anyone in the history of Reno Air Racing. In his 24 years of racing, Dave is the only pilot to compete in five classes; BiPlane, Formula One, Sport, Unlimited and Jet. He is a three-time Gold Champion in Sport Class (‘98, ‘99, ‘00), Silver Sport Champion (‘03, ‘04) and Unlimited Bronze Champion in ‘06. Dave is also a three-time Regional Soaring Champion.

Dave is a two-time recipient of the Bob Downey Memorial Award for the most inspirational competitor at Reno and the George Owl Outstanding New Design Award for his racer "Fastlane." He was awarded the Pulitzer Aviation Trophy from the National Aeronautic Association in ‘98 and ‘99 for his qualifying and race records in Sport Class. His fastest speed at Reno was 445 mph.

One of aviation's top test pilots, Dave has done first flights in 38 prototype aircraft. In 1998, the Society of Experimental Test Pilots awarded him the Spirit of Flight Award honoring his accomplishments in flight testing. Dave has set 13 world speed records, 8 of which stand. For fun and relaxation, he races his Formula V sports car at SCCA races and holds a track record at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif.

Dave has flown over 27,000 hours in over 300 types of aircraft. He holds ATP, AMEL, Learjet, Commercial ASELS, RH, G, Flight Instructor ASMEGI, A&P, DAR, DE, EAE, Flight Engineer Turbojet certificates.


Joe Radosky

Director of Marketing / Demo Pilot 

Joe combines his love of flying and racing cars to join the team in 2007. Joe started flying Gliders at the age of 14 when a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. At the age of 16, Joe started to drive/race automobiles and fly powered aircraft.

Upon High School graduation, Joe was selected by the United States Air Force/Civil Air Patrol to represent the USA as the Goodwill Ambassador in the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) program and travel to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Norway. By the age of 21, he had earned his Private Pilot, Commercial License, Instrument, and Multi-Engine ratings. At age 23, Joe earned his Flight Engineer credentials and was selected to fly as First Officer with Gulf Air Transport.

Joe flew for the airlines for five years in a variety of aircraft ranging from Convair 580 to Boeing 707 to Boeing 727 and finally MD-80. Joe currently flies as a jet charter pilot in Cessna Citation jets and owns a Piper Aerostar. Joe earned his Certificated Flight Instructor status in 1986, and has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration as a Safety Counselor since 1990. Joe’s love of aviation is complimented by his love of auto racing as he has attended various auto racing schools (NASCAR and IRL).

Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Delaware Valley College in Business Administration/Computer Science and his Master of Science Degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Aeronautical Science/Safety.

Joe has worked in the aviation industry all his life with such prestigious companies as: AlliedSignal Aerospace-Bendix/King, Pan Am/Simcom, FlightSafety International, and currently working with SimiGon to create the pilot training simulations for the rocket racing teams in this new and exciting field of aviation racing and research.

Bill Bayer                   

VP Team Operations / Crew Chief

Bill joins our team after 30 years as the Chief Pilot (rotary & fixed wing aircraft)  
and the head of the aviation department for race team legend...Roger Penske. 

As Chief race team pilot Division, , with over 21,000 hours, Bill has flown all over the globe to promote the Indy Racing League, the NASCAR, and the CART series racing, flying such aircraft as the Learjet 23/24/35/55/60, Gulfstream IV/IVSP, Cessna 650/750, and the Bell Helicopter 47/204/205/206.

Bill holds an Aircraft & Powerplant License and has for the past 48 years!  Bill's years with Penske Racing has not only given him extensive experience in aviation operations but also experience in auto racing and pit operations.

Bill has worked for such prestigious companies as Temco Aircraft, Boeing-Vertol and ARA Services, and has US Army experience as a Maintenance and Operations Officer.

Bill graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  Bill now resides in Southern Florida with his wife and supports the team with his vast knowledge of aeronautics, team racing and mechanical abilities.

Keith Griego

Web Design / Mechanical Engineer                

Keith joins our team after a three-month internship with Santa Fe Rocket
Racing that was sponsored by the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium. Keith was chosen for the internship over dozens of applicants based on his academic capabilities and proven work ethic.  Keith is well rounded and will be acting as the right hand man for the organization. He has always had an interest in aeronautics and aircraft and has studied avionics while pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  

Keith's outside interests include football where he played at the University of New Mexico for three years until he was severely injured in an auto accident, which ended his career. He was awarded jersey No. 1 over the summer of 2005 by head coach Rocky Long, an honor bestowed upon the player who best displays unselfish effort on behalf of the team.

Keith will be graduating this December with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Keith lives in Albuquerque and is a family man and proud father of a 6 month old daughter named Emily. Keith will support the team in a broad range of capacities including web site maintenance and administrative and technical duties.

Santa Fe Rocket Racing