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Santa Fe Rocket Racing
See the Excitement of The Rocket Racing League and Santa Fe Rocket Racing Team at the Quick Trip Tusla Air and Rocket Racing Show April 24th, 2010.  See Our First Public Flight with Two (Private) Rocket Planes for the First Time in History!  Narrated By Miles O'Brien, CNN 

Santa Fe Rocket Racing Team Race Pilot and Official Rocket Racing League Test Pilot Dave Morss:

Team Pilot

 Dave Morss during pre-flight checks in the  Mark III X-Racer (T2). This is a Rocket Racing League  Modified Velocity XL Aircraft flown at the Tulsa Air and Rocket Racing Show April, 23rd and 24th, 2010.  This second generation prototype aircraft is mounted with a 2000lb thrust Armadillo Aerospace LOX (Liquid Oxygen) and Ethenol fueled Reusable Rocket Engjine.  Modifications incluide a single seat cockpit, pop up canopy enhanced avionics and more,   The Mark III X-Racer  has been undergoing extensive testing by Dave Morrs at Burns Flat OK., over the last several months.  This aircraft with top speeds of over 200kts was successfully flown three tiime in front of the public during the Tulsa Air Show by Dave Morss and crew.   

Santa Fe Rocket Racer

Dave, along with being the Santa Fe Rocket Racing Inc's., Official Test and Race Pilot, owns and operates Myriad Research.  Myrdia Research test other people's homebuilt aircraft. This includes design input and testing of prototypes -  34 to date.

Myriad also provide exposure for kit plane companies through aerial displays including Acrobatic performances and world speed record flights including closed course racing at Reno.

Myriad can train you in new types as well as early military jets and WWII piston fighters. Myriad can license your experimental plane and issue pilots licenses for all fixed wing ratings thru ATP, as well as the new EAE warbird program. Finally, Myraida can provide coaching and mentoring for new race plane pilots and car drivers. Visit Dave Morss Web Site at: 

 Learn more about Dave Morss

"Test pilot, Rocket Racer, Flight Instructor, Homebuilder" 

Dave MorssNeed a type rating for a B-25, F6F, F8F, P-51, P-40, L-29, L-39, T-28, A6M (Zero), Yak-3, -9, or -11, Spitfire, F4U Corsair, AD-1 Skyraider, Focke-Wulf190, or Bf 109? Dave Morss is your man...  

Read more about Dave Morss and his amazing aviation career and accomplishments in  the February, 2011 issue of Sport Aviation Magazine.   Follow the link below to read the full article from Aviaton Magzine by Steven W. Ellis:  


Santa Fe Rocket Racing Team  at the EAA Air Venture Air Show in Oshkosh, WI in front of the Armadillo Aerospace "Mark III X-Racer"  From Left to Right..Joe Radosky, Director of Marketing, Marc R. Cumbow, Team Founder/Owner, Paul Novacek, Crew Chief, Dave Morrs, Test/Race Pilot and Edward W. Cumbow,Team Co-Owner.

Imagine The Excitement of Rocket Powered Air Craft Combined With The Thrill Of Grand Prix-Style Racing..."The thrill of speed and competition with earth-shaking rocket power...The Santa Fe Rocket Racing team and the Rocket Racing League usher in an entirely new spectator sport, Rocket Racing!

These single pilot raceplanes battle side-by-side through a virtual racetrack right in front of the grandstands. Fans will interact virturally and will race side-by-side on thier game consoles during the Rocket Racing League Races.  This is the  beginning of the worlds first interactive sports.




  Join the Rocket Racing Legaue and Download the New Rocket Racing Leagues new iPhone and iPod Touch Downlooadable Game.  Click on the Link Below to learn more about this exciting addition to the Rocket Racing Leauge and the future of the worlds first fully interactive sports:

View the RRL Games Preview Trailer Here!
Visit the Website: 


"New Release"

Download Rocket Racing League HD for iPad! 

Rocket Racing Legue For iPad


The Rocket Racing League and Santa Fe Rocket Racing, Inc.,  Are Taking The Business Model Of NASCAR, Formula One Racing And Red Bull Air Racing Into The Space-Age.   Grand Prix-Style Racing Of Rocket Powered Airplanes Combining The Thrill Of Speed, Competition And Participation With Interactive Video Gaming is now Reality and not Fiction! 

  • Virtual GPS "tunnels" shape the closed circuit track
  • Track - 1 mile high, 2 miles long and ½-mile wide
  • Close-in fan experience
  • Exciting and "dangerous" under the roar of rocket power
  • 8-10 Rocket Racers
  • Staggered take-off (2-3 deep)
  • Low pass each lap with full-rocket thrust in front of crowds
  • Typical 60-90 minute races
  • Reall Time Virtual Reality Gaming

The biggest names in television have aired and introduced America to the Rocket Racing League. Within time Rocket Racing is going to be known as the biggest, best, and most exciting entertainment worldwide! ESPN, NBC News, Fox News, Discovery Channel, and very soon every TV corporation is going to want a piece of the Rocket Racing League, because that is how BIG and exciting this league is going to get. So stay tuned to the Rocket Racing League and Santa Fe Rocket Racing! 

Based in Albuqueruqe, New Mexico,  Santa Fe Rocket Racing, Inc., was slected as  an  original founding team of the Rocket Racing League, Inc., in October, 2007.    Our teams misssion is to own and operate  prototype aircarft future racing versions of rocket powered aircraft designed and developed by the Rocket Racing League and to compete Nationally and Internationally in all RRL sanctioned Rocket Racing Events.  Our Team of seasoned aviation and business professionals are dedicated to the future of this sport and to the future development of safe, reliable and reusable rocket engines, rocket powerd aircraft and Rusablle Launch Vehicles.  New Space is our frontier!  Watch us as we continue to grow in this exciting new business.   

Santa Fe Racing Team  

Santa Fe Rocket Racing, Inc.

310 Rio Grande Blvd., SW
Albuquerque, NM  87104
(505) 767-1000 * Fax (505) 242-2162

Follow Santa Fe Rocket Racing Team during its startup
with it's very own Reality Show... ROCKET RACERS!



 Armadillo Aerospace

Armadillo Aerospace Logo Armadillo Aerospace is a leading developer of reusable rocket powered vehicles; focused on VTVL (vertical takeoff, vertical landing) suborbital research and passenger flights, with an eye towards eventual paths to orbit.

Founded in 2000, Armadillo has an unequaled experience base with over one hundred flight tests spread over a dozen different vehicles. Armadillo has done work for NASA and the Air Force, and flown vehicles at every X-Prize Cup event. Armadillo performed the very first flight under the new FAA/AST experimental permit regulatory regime, and we have made over a half dozen more permitted flights since then, all fully insured and observed by on-site AST personnel.

  RRL Engine







 Armadillo Aerospace







 The X PRIZE Foundation  

On October 4th, 2004, the X PRIZE captured world headlines when Mojave Aerospace
led by Burt Rutan and Paul Allen built and flew the world's first private spacecraft to the edge of space to win the $10 million ANSARI X PRIZE. The Foundation's mission to benefit society by encouraging space and other technologies has already resulted in radical breakthroughs throughout the aerospace industry.



 Elbit Systems, LTD.

Elbit Systems LTD

Elibt Systems

 In the rapidly growing Helmet Mounted Systems (HMS) market  Elbit Systems is operating from a position of strength and global leadership after innovating and integrating three generations of HMSs for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Elbit Systems and our subsidiary Vision Systems International (VSI), jointly owned with Kaiser Electronics (a Rockwell Collins Company) have more production and operational experience than any other company in the field.
Our HMSs incorporate tracking and display systems for target designation, weapon and sensor slaving and processing and display of tactical information day and night. They are supplied as part of upgrade programs as well as on a stand-alone basis. Elbit Systems fixed wing HMS technology is the basis for the U.S. Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (
JHMCS) program.

Through VSI all frontline U.S. F-15, F-16, F/A-18 and F-22s will be equipped with the JHMCS. The pre-eminence in the field extends to Helicopter HMSs, particularly in the Attack Rotorcraft HMS market where our ANVIS/HUD is the preferred choice for utility rotorcraft platforms. More than 5,000 helicopters world wide are equipped with Elbit Systems ANVIS HUD systems.
The core competencies developed over time are now being applied to new needs, for example, Helmet Mounted Displays geared for ground vehicles which deliver real time information day/night to wherever the wearer/driver looks.   Elbit Systems sees great potential for expanding this product line and leveraging HMS technology into commercial applications such as  the Rocket Racing League.

Reno Air Racing Association

The National Championship Air Races held each September in Reno, Nevada, bring
together not only residents of Reno and the surrounding areas, but thousands of aviation and sports enthusiasts from around the world. Race and air show participants include astronauts, airline pilots, and military and civilian aviators. For a week every September, the high desert north of Reno becomes home to hundreds of aircraft, their pilots and crews.


 Maryland Advance Development Labatory

Maryland Advance Development Laboratory LogoURF's Maryland Advanced Development Laboratory (MADL) Division focus is on laboratory and prototype activities in the areas of: Aviation, Computer Science, Atmospheric Physics, Electro-Optics, and Radar and Infrared Sensor Technology.


XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace in Mojave, California, develops and produces safe, reliable and reusable rocket engines and rocket powered vehicles. XCOR holds an FAA-issued Reusable Launch Vehicle License, engaging in private and government research projects for rocket engines and rocket engine components. 



ORAD  Orad Hi-Tec Systems is a world leading provider of real time 3D video graphics solutions, including; news, channel branding, sports production and enhancement, special events, virtual studios, and virtual advertisement.

Orad's compelling solutions streamline production workflow, enhance viewer experience and improve production value.  Founded in 1993, Orad is a public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (OHT).


Santa Fe Rocket Racing